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North Atlanta Schools and Education

North Atlanta’s public schools rank competitively with some of the finest school systems in the country. As expected, the quality of those schools as well as their respective rankings can effect real estate values and have a significant impact on buying decisions.

Properties located in better school districts will usually command a higher price and typically maintain a higher resale value as well

In addition to their respective public school systems, North Atlanta also offers a number of excellent private schools to choose from with award-winning campuses, curriculums, and faculty staffs.

To offer assistance, we’ve taken the time to consolidate the school information links below. We hope they provide a good start in gathering the necessary data to make those important decisions easier for you and your family members.

Atlanta Charter Schools

A charter school is a public school of choice that operates under the terms of a charter or contract with an authorizer such as the state or local board of education. Charter schools are granted flexibility from certain state and local rules in exchange for a higher degree of accountability for raising student achievement. 
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