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In 2006, the FARKAS Real Estate Group was established with one overriding mission and goal. To become the most comprehensive, technologically advanced, customer focused Real Estate Group specializing in the North Atlanta Luxury home market.

All Realtors are NOT created equal

It’s an ugly fact of life, but all Realtors are NOT created equal. Complicating matters, many individuals do very little homework or due diligence when going through the important process of choosing the right person to represent them. Sometimes they’ll hire a friend new to the business, a part-timer or even choose to navigate on their own. A bad experience usually follows and causes many to question their decision.

Unfortunately, we know that too many agents, buyers and sellers are significantly ill prepared. They lack sufficient knowledge, professional resources, business acumen and adequate tools. All of these attributes are necessary to provide the levels of service and expertise most clients need to guide them though the most complex and expensive financial purchase or sale most will ever make. Usually, the combination of insufficient skills and planning add up to poor results. Poor results equal less money in your pocket. Making any sense yet? At the FARKAS Real Estate Group we’re here to help.

What makes us different?

We could use this forum to highlight some of the more common realtor clichés you hear and read about most often but, we’ll spare you. We don’t drive around with magnetic signs on our vehicles and we don’t have bumper stickers that say “I’d love to be your Realtor”. No offense, but is that really the individual you want representing you? We also try and stay away from stating the obvious with phrases like “We’ll get your house Sold” or, “We know real estate.” These are all valid statements but seriously, shouldn’t that be a given?

If you want to hear about our past and present experience, by all means, read our bios. They’re filled with lots of valid highlights of pertinent information to get to know us on a more personal basis and it’s our opportunity to brag a little. We’re proud of our individual accomplishments that make us unique and qualified, but we don’t expect you to hire us because of that. After all, credentials can be kind of boring. Honestly, it’s not about us, it’s all about You and your Dreams and goals.

What we really want you to understand first and foremost is that we’re hands-on professional business people, consultants and entrepreneurs who operate everyday with a commitment and drive to offer the best real estate services available anywhere – PERIOD! That sounds like it should be a given as well, but the truth is, it’s the exception, not the rule.

Words are cheap but we’re up to the challenge. Go ahead, pick up the phone and give us a call. A simple conversation with us should convince you of that fact. The passion you’ll hear in our voices is real and our actions and knowledge speak louder than any slick marketing slogan. Our goal isn’t to sell you per se. We don’t like being “sold” any more than you do. We strive hard to eliminate any of the “salesman” stereotypes to make this a pleasant and rewarding experience for all. The fact is, we REALLY do love what we do and we pride ourselves on rolling up our sleeves and diving into every aspect of the process to accomplish your goals.

Our Tools

Atlanta Dream Living is a start. It’s just one great example of what differentiates us from our competitors and we’re extremely proud to provide this valuable tool. We’ve poured hundreds of hours into developing what is likely the most content rich and informative website for shopping the luxury home market in Atlanta, or anywhere for that matter. It’s a virtual encyclopedia of information intended to make your home search easy, carefree and as fun as possible and, it keeps getting better every day. Just think, if we put this much effort into creating the ultimate shopping and marketing tool for you, imagine what else we can accomplish!

Our Commitment as Your Business Partner

We truly understand that buying and selling a home is a very emotional transaction. For most, your home or potential home is your primary financial asset and we’re keenly aware of our responsibility to provide exceptional care to our clients as business partners and valued consultants throughout the entire buying and selling process.

In addition to our superior knowledge of the local Real Estate market, we’re seasoned business professionals with many years of negotiating complex contracts at the highest levels. We’re diligent researchers who believe that our efforts to go the extra mile are what our clients expect and deserve for putting their trust in us. We’re also creative marketers, leveraging every technology and resource available and searching new and unique ways to highlight your home to stand out from the crowd.

In this business, no two transactions or situations are ever the same. Because of this fact, we’re relentless in our efforts to take the necessary time with our consultation to carefully tailor a custom, strategic strategy to meet your individual goals. We believe our clients appreciate our up-front and no nonsense approach about the potential of their purchase or sale. It’s one of our core strengths. As self-proclaimed lovers of homes, interior design, architecture and people, there’s something intrinsically fascinating about our jobs and the social aspect of what we do.

Our Dream Team

Although we hate to admit it, we can’t be the subject matter experts in all areas. To solve that, we’ve committed to partnering and surrounding ourselves with the best associates available in their respective fields who also share our common vision and values. They allow us to provide you with a team of individuals and a one stop concierge experience second to none. From financing, to legal services, appraisers, home inspectors, contractors and tradesman, we have a dream team of individuals waiting to provide unsurpassed service to all of our clients.

So, pick up the phone and call. We’re anxious for the opportunity to demonstrate our value and look forward to earning your business and humbly serving you today and in the years to come.

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