Why Getting a Consultation Appraisal Before Selling Makes Sense

Why Getting a Consultation Appraisal Before Selling Makes Sense

In today’s volatile market place, it’s imperative for sellers to consider every advantage available to market  their home.  Not only to sell their home faster and for maximum value, but just as important, to protect the sale and close as expected when a seller and buyer have reached agreement.

Lately, it’s become increasingly common for home appraisals initiated by the buyers lender to come in lower than expected, subsequently delaying the closing or worse yet, blowing up the negotiated contract all together. There are many reasons, some more justified than others, but as Lenders have been forced to use an ever growing pool of inexperienced appraisers, sellers have an option to fight back.

One of the best ways of insuring against this problem is hiring an experienced “Certified” appraiser to conduct a Consultation Appraisal prior to listing their home for sale. There are many advantages:

– Allows you to obtain an unbiased, informed opinion of the current value of your home. Many agents are now requiring this and know that a properly priced home will sell 50% faster.

– The appraisal can be used as a selling tool to help justify the lowering of property taxes.

– Identify any repair issues which would adversely effect the value of the home.

– Help your negotiating position with potential Buyers & Agents.

– Alleviate the restless time between contract and closing worrying if the home will appraise. If there is a discrepancy, the firm you hired should be in a position to argue any conflicting results and negotiate with the lender to adjust its own findings.

Sellers should consider taking full advantage of this critical service. The cost is very reasonable, it provides a host of advantages,  and most importantly, it provides a significant return on your investment.